Select Your State: Choosing the Right Trees for Your Region

Each geographical area in the U.S presents unique sets of challenges and advantages for homeowners hoping to add some verdant beauty to their yards. Choosing the best trees to suit your particular region can require a bit of research and professional guidance. That’s where Pleasantrees comes handy.

Whether you live in the drizzly Pacific Northwest or the sunny Southeast, your choice of trees can significantly impact the success of your gardening project. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is a helpful tool that takes the guess work out of planting. Dividing the country into 13 distinct zones, the map allows homeowners to determine the types of plants that will thrive in their particular climate. Native plants are often the best choice as they are naturally adapted to the local terrain and climate, and require less maintenance.

For those in the wetter climates of the Pacific Northwest, the Western Hemlock is a native and popular choice, while those in the hot, dry Southwest might lean toward a hardy Pinyon Pine. For the colder climates of the Northeast, consider spruces or firs that can handle hearty winters. And for those in the sunny Southeast, local favorites like the Southern Magnolia or Cypress trees are ideal.

Pleasantrees places a lot of emphasis on helping customers select the right tree for their region. Their team of knowledgeable professionals guide clients through the entire process, ensuring a lush and thriving result. With a variety of beautiful and hearty plants to choose from, Pleasantrees makes the art of sourcing and planting trees a pleasing process for homeowners across U.S.

When planning your next gardening adventure, don’t just opt for the prettiest plant. Think about your region’s particular conditions and select a tree that will be at home in your landscape for years to come. Choose wisely with Pleasantrees.